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One out of four Americans face the day-to-day reality of living with mental illness. Fewer than one-third of adults and one-half of children with a diagnosed mental health condition receive services and treatment in a given year. Family members are also affected by mental illness as they often struggle to find help for their loved ones and manage the impact on their own lives. Left untreated, the costs are incalculable to the individuals, the families and our communities.

Every day, individuals and communities across the country are demanding early intervention, better care, effective treatment and improved outcomes. NAMI is needed now more than ever to educate, advocate, and help Americans better understand mental illness and the promise of recovery.

Yet barriers remain. Stigma, prejudice and ignorance present enormous obstacles. We have an opportunity to create a vision of a better tomorrow—an expectation that people affected by mental illness will live happily, productively and well.

Please help us advance our vision by making a gift to NAMI. When you make a financial contribution, you:

  • Build better lives for people affected by mental illness.
  • Change the way Americans understand mental illness.
  • Ensure no individual or family is alone in this fight.

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Education about mental illness is a crucial aspect of breaking the stigma that prevents so many people from getting help. #MentalHealth

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